Rules & Security

Each resident is an individual with their own needs.  As much as possible those individual needs are accomodated.  Following are the rules of the house to be followed by all residents and staff.

Current Rules

Security is vital to our ministry. We rely on our security camera systems to help keep residents, visitors, children and staff safe and accountable. We have 32 cameras and we have 2-16 channel DVR’s capable of recording 6 weeks worth of footage. Real time viewing and incident retrieval are vital.  Our exterior cameras are day/night units and cover the entire property perimeter. This is useful in keeping track of visitors, vehicles and general overview of the grounds.  In the houses we  have coverage from dome, bullet and corner cameras. Major rooms and areas are covered. We also have cameras located at entrance points, both inside and outside for identification of visitors and others that enter or leave our buildings.

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All of our exterior entrances use keypads with access numbers. This allows for quick  adding or deleting of access codes. Access codes are individually assigned and not repeated. All exterior doors arm automatically every night and disarm in the morning. picture14